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The real estate investment world is filled with late night infomericals, free seminars hosted by Reality TV show stars that lead to weekend boot camps and eventually empty wallets. The Investor Empowerment Radio Show was created as the host's outlet to provide free educational information intending to motivate and inspire the listener. You'll hear from the host and the show's guests years of experience to help guide you on your path to a successful real estate investment business!
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Jul 20, 2016

Part 2 of this great interview with Real Estate Investor Dan Clarton of Riverside Hope LLC. In this episode we dive into Dan's Fix & Flip business, focusing on acquisition, rehab, and resale of properties on Chicago's West Side and also discuss the importance of emerging neighborhoods and knowing your property values. The "DoorJam" CMA is explained as well as several other "rules of thumb" for rehab estimation and profit margins in real estate investing.

Jul 12, 2016

Great interview with full time real estate investor Dan Clarton of Riverside Hope LLC and out of the Chicago area discussing the basic systems and opportunities that come along with creating your own real estate wholesaling business model, fix and flipping homes in specific neighborhoods to make massive profits, and building a rental portfolio. After being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer 5 years ago, Dan changed his life, quit his job, and is a successful full-time investor in the Chicago market.

Jun 27, 2016

In this episode we discuss the transition from getting started as a buy and hold investor to full time fix and flipper doing 20 fix and flips per year while continuing to grow a rental portfolio. Court Foreclosure Judicial Sale auctions are discussed, MLS strategies, and maximizing profits in fix and flips. Chris and I also dive into partnering with other investors to maximize opportunities and increase business potential. If you're interested in making the leap from 9-5 to fulltime investor, check out this awesome episode!

Jun 25, 2016

The Investor Empowerment Series Podcast 2- Acquisition Strategies. How many pipelines are you using to bring in Dealflow to your real estate investment business? In this episode, our host, Joe Mueller, discusses options every investor can utilize to continue to grow your real estate business and acquire more property- either for fix and flipping or buy and hold deals long term. You don't want to miss it!

Jun 16, 2016

Do you really know what you need to consider when getting started in real estate investing BEFORE you jump into your first weekend bootcamp course or sit down in a room of other investors at your next networking meeting? Today's episode covers what aspects you need to keep in mind while creating your business plan, setting your monthly, annual, and lifetime goals, and designing a lifestyle that best fits your idea of success!

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