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The real estate investment world is filled with late night infomericals, free seminars hosted by Reality TV show stars that lead to weekend boot camps and eventually empty wallets. The Investor Empowerment Radio Show was created as the host's outlet to provide free educational information intending to motivate and inspire the listener. You'll hear from the host and the show's guests years of experience to help guide you on your path to a successful real estate investment business!
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Sep 28, 2016
IES Radio #14: Building your Wholesaling Business to make $20k-$50k per month with Dan Breslin of REI Diamonds

Dan Breslin fell on his face after the last market crash, was forced to take public transportation when his buddy’s cars were not available, and started back up from Ground Zero a few short years ago.  Today Dan runs a full scale wholesaling and fix and flipping operation in 4 separate markets throughout the county making tens of thousands of dollars per month!  Dig into this incredible interview where Dan reveals how he built his team, the systems he using, and the mindset needed to make multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars per year all from his office in Chicago.  I shouldn’t even have to say it, but you can’t miss this!

Sep 21, 2016
IES Radio #13: Hands-Off Landlording through with Linda Liberatore

Today’s entrepreneur and guest, Linda Liberatore, of founded an ACH business years ago with the sole intent to offer electronic rent collection services for property owners and landlords, and grew it to a landlord service offering not only ACH rental collection but also management call center services, and eviction assistance for over 1000 units.  Listen to how you can cut out the “middle man” (ME!!!) and fire your property manager!!!

Sep 13, 2016
IES Radio #12.5: 3 Off Market Wholesale Deals (pre-released!!!)

So, sometimes you need to turn the bad into the good!  I am changing up my regularly scheduled podcast due to a technical challenge in switching podcast hosting servers and pushing back my Wednesday release to offer you some opportunity RIGHT NOW in the Chicago investment market.  These are REAL off-market money making opportunities that I am offering ONLY to the listeners of the podcast.  IF you are looking for deals, you gotta check out these 3 opportunities as the listeners are the only ones who are getting this information!  Listen up for the details!

Elgin, IL:

Acquisition: $45000

Rehab Costs (est.): $60000

ARV: $160000

Est. Monthly Rent: $1500

Chicago, IL: (Humbolt/Garfield Park Area)

Acquisition: $40000

Rehab Costs (est.): $30000

ARV: $130000

Est. Monthly Rent: $1500-1600

Westchester, IL: (Great area!)

Acquisition: $100000

Rehab Costs (est.): $20000-30000

ARV: $195000

Est. Monthly Rent: $1600


Sep 7, 2016
IES Radio #12: 700 flips, 165 rental properties and $50k a month in cashflow… Need I say more?

Starting his investment empire at the age of 19 and completing over 700 flips in the last 6 years, our guest currently has ownership in over 165 rental properties, and is netting approx. $50k a month in positive net cashflow.  We discuss in depth his concept of the 2-5-7 rule enabling investors to pay off their rental houses in 7 years or less, the “Keep It Simple Stupid” method along with the  “Rinse and Repeat” of the Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance (BRRR) strategy with today’s incredible guest—Andrew Holmes of and Chicago Cashflow.  This is  repost due to an issue with the podcast server