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The real estate investment world is filled with late night infomericals, free seminars hosted by Reality TV show stars that lead to weekend boot camps and eventually empty wallets. The Investor Empowerment Radio Show was created as the host's outlet to provide free educational information intending to motivate and inspire the listener. You'll hear from the host and the show's guests years of experience to help guide you on your path to a successful real estate investment business!
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Jan 25, 2017
IES Radio #30: Flipping your Way to Financial Freedom with Mark Ferguson

Today's guest is Mark Ferguson, an Investor, Author and Real Estate Broker based in Colorado.  Mark's been involved in real estate in some way, shape, or form since he was kid and now owns 16 rental properties and has flipped 120 Properties, while maintaining a successful real estate brokerage that sells several hundreds of homes per year.

Mark and I dive into discussing how he obtains his funding and the story behind building those relationships, his advice for the listeners just getting started, and his goal to own 100 rental properties.  He's currently working on 16 flips he's managing AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Mark has written several books including "Build a Rental Property Empire" and maintains an AWESOME website and blog at

I shouldn't have to say it... Don't miss it!!

Jan 18, 2017
IES Radio #29: The Dissection of an Owner Financed Deal w/ Mitch Stephens

Today’s Guest is Real Estate Entrepreneur and Author Mitch Stephens, a visionary and leader in the field of owner financed transactions.  Mitch is currently buying about 100 houses a year in which many end up as seller financed deals in his portfolio and has bought over 1500 houses in his massive real estate career spanning over 20 years.

The author is the 3 book series “My Life and 1000 Houses,” Mitch has been blowing up the San Antonio market and as of late has been all over the podcast, media, and mentoring waves throughout the country.  He’s a founding father when it comes to current real estate investing owner financing techniques and comes to your listening pleasure today to truly “Dissect” the Owner Financed Deal.  Don’t miss this one.

Visit to see Mitch’s Website

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Jan 11, 2017
IES Radio Show #28: Rent to Own to 175 Properties and Fix & Flipping w/ Bill Powers

Today our host Joe Mueller interviews Bill Powers from RTO Property, a Waukegan, Illinois based real estate investment business focusing on creating home ownership and improving & preserving communities in the Northern Illinois area.The cool story behind Bill's business and his strategy is that like most investors, it all started with one property and a dream.  Bill created a business model that generates above average rents per property, turns tenants in to homeowners, and improves the neighborhoods he invests in! All properties are fully renovated completely with new kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, windows, fully/partially finished basement, landscaping and more. And all homes are then sold via Bill's Rent To Own Strategy.If you are interested in learning how you can apply this method to your business, create growth through refinancing and help others in the process, download this podcast!Bill's website can be seen here: 

Jan 4, 2017
IES Radio #27: To Section 8 or NOT Section 8 Part 2 w/ Eddie Mccracken

Eddie Mccracken, guest on IES Radio Show #6 is back again to offer his views, opinions, and experiences on the Governmental Section 8 program after hearing my podcast covering the topic on episode #18.

We touch on some of the "gray" areas to look out for, dealing with tenants on section 8, lease renewals and auto-renewing with section 8 tenants.

A few other tidbits are his new recommendation on managing VA's for your real estate investing business, as well as my "CALL OUT" for sponsorships for my meetup group and the new lender I began working with that I can bring to you, our listeners.

Please contact me directly at for more information.