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The real estate investment world is filled with late night infomericals, free seminars hosted by Reality TV show stars that lead to weekend boot camps and eventually empty wallets. The Investor Empowerment Radio Show was created as the host's outlet to provide free educational information intending to motivate and inspire the listener. You'll hear from the host and the show's guests years of experience to help guide you on your path to a successful real estate investment business!
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Apr 26, 2017

Heading to the IMN Conference again this coming weekend, which runs from May 1st to May 3rd in beautiful South Beach Miami, Florida!

We review what the conference is all about, what it offers, and my plan to podcast LIVE from the networking sessions.  You can review, sign up to attend, and learn more about the Single Family Rental Forum East here:

Also, I digress into what a "Sandwich" Lease Option is and how it's an example of a No Money Down type deal and how you may utilize it in starting out in your investment business.

Lastly but definitely not least, my goal to form an "Upper-Level" Mastermind group based in the Chicago area.

I've been thinking on this for 2 years, and as one of good friends tells me, when I mention something multiple times and keep talking about it for years, it generally comes to fruition.

I am calling out to all investors interested in being a part of this high level mastermind, which will meet monthly, during business hours, at private locations throughout the Chicago area.

The goal is to discuss partnership opportunities, dealing with challenges, working together to become even more financially successful in the future.

If you or someone you know are interested, email me at


Apr 19, 2017

Today's guest, Chad York, is a former Firefighter/Paramedic from the suburbs of Chicago.  Chad got his investing beginnings working with his father on projects around the house, including a full addition as a kid.  Eventually he began working for another Firefighter who was rehabbing houses in the local area, obtaining a better understanding of general contracting, gut rehabs, and fixing and flipping.

Chad eventually started his own real estate investment business, BC Property Solutions, partnering with his father who's based in Indiana.

So far Chad has successfully completed 3 VERY interesting deals that all ended up being solid money makers and all very unique situations.

This is truly a podcast that discusses the SOLUTIONS that can be derived by overcoming the obstacles we all potentially face in the real estate investment business!

Wholesaling, fix and flipping, real estate investing, flipping houses, planning, building a team, motivation, education, real estate investor, buy and hold, landlord, landlording, cashflow

Apr 12, 2017

Today's guest, Salma Bhatti, starting investing in real estate a few years ago after being inspired by her family's previous success with rental properties and watching other flippers succeed through various media sources.  So far she's completed 5 flips in the Chicago area, with flip #6 currently under contract to sell to a retail buyer, and flip #7 still under construction due to the scope and size of the project.

This episode focuses on getting started in investing, some of the challenges a new flipper can face in the real estate investing business, and ways to overcome them.

Vision, inspiration, desire, and motivation is an important aspect to any business, and flipping houses is no different.

If you are looking to get starting in real estate investing, this is an episode you don't want to miss as Salma's experiences are beneficial to hear for both the experienced and the inexperienced flipper.

Apr 5, 2017

Today's special guest is local Real Estate Investor and Broker Josh Brown.  Josh has 10 years experience investing in the Chicago area, starting his own construction company after completing a degree in construction management and turning that into a successful construction company and real estate investment career.

Josh is like most of us, starting small, and utilizing not only his formal education but also his personal skill set to purchase his first buy and hold property 10 years ago, which was a "stacked" 2 flat property in the 'burbs of Chicago.

Realizing he could increase his career and earnings, as he continued to run his own construction company he began investing in Tax Liens in a few of the collar counties of Chicago earning on average over a 16% RETURN!

Josh and I discuss the pros and cons of working with contractors, vetting the right partners, working within Joint Venture agreements, RIGHTs and WRONGs of getting these Flip projects completed in order to insure you've created a maximum profitable opportunity.

A few show notes on this one:

The Magic of Thinking Big

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Personality Plus

The 16% Rule

Tax Liens: The Total Process to Buying, Selling, and Assigning Tax Liens

Another INFAMOUS Episode!!!  Don't miss it!