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The real estate investment world is filled with late night infomericals, free seminars hosted by Reality TV show stars that lead to weekend boot camps and eventually empty wallets. The Investor Empowerment Radio Show was created as the host's outlet to provide free educational information intending to motivate and inspire the listener. You'll hear from the host and the show's guests years of experience to help guide you on your path to a successful real estate investment business!
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Dec 20, 2017

Hi Investors:

Today's guest is a 26 year veteran of both the mortgage and banking market as well as a long term real estate investor.

Bill Spallone, of Prime Lending, is full of facts on what the market has in store for us, some tactics for advantageous landlording, and key factors for financial assistance that can help you and your family plan of the future.

Bill has ridden the wave of the real estate and mortgage market for longer than most of us have been investing... and brings a wealth of information to come with him.

Bill and his company lend in ALL 50 states of the US, and have a huge amount of products to offer to investors and home buyers alike.

Don't miss another phenomenal episode of the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show... Show #72.

To contact Bill directly please email:

Dec 13, 2017

There a quite a few online property auction platforms out there right now.  Initially these websites were seen as potentially taboo, scary, and extremely risky to purchase actual properties from.

Now, it's the mainstream... Hedgefunds with millions of dollars are bidding on properties daily.  Sheriff sales are 'marketed' via to increase live auction attendance at the courthouse.  Homes are bought by owner occupants and investors daily.

Today's podcast is a LIVE account of an actual auction of a property on, one of the many platforms out there right now.

We digest the fees, timing the bids, potential strategies, and ride the roller coaster of bidding via online auction for investment properties.

If you are interested in bidding via online auction for properties, or have done it before, check out this podcast!


Dec 6, 2017

Man... You don't know what you don't know.  Today's guest on the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show is Al Willliamson.  Al bought his first investment property 20 years ago when he first got married, by house-hacking a 3 unit.

Fast forward 20 years later, and Al is KILLING IT on Airbnb, VRBO and the like with a MASSIVE short term rental business.

He's got an 8 unit building, which he's got 60% rented out on short term corporate housing leases, and still a few traditional units that him and his family live off of.

And now, he's on a mission to document how to grow your short term rental business to $10,000 a month income in 2 years or less, which you can find out more information about by listening to this podcast.

Ever heard of Rental Arbitrage???  Man, you gotta hear about this...

How about becoming an Airbnb Host and Landlord without actually owning the property?!!

There are a BUNCH of tips and tricks about utilizing Airbnb to double your income on your rentals or at a min make an additional $1000 per month beyond what you're currently getting on a year long lease.

Some websites we talk about:



Nov 29, 2017

Every investor goes into each deal with one guaranteed expectation at closing... The Price.  Unless the condition of the property changes, i.e. damages or things getting removed prior to closing after you've seen it, your expectation is you're paying the price on the contract.

Why is it that most investors don't pay much attention to the other costs that lead to a higher bottom line on the master statement?

Well, we've got a way to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per closing.

Announcing Investors Title Services LLC.  A company owned by Investors, For Investors.

Our examples in this podcast show savings of thousands of dollars that YOU, as an investor, can benefit from due to the relationships we've established.

Interested in learning more on how you can make substantially more money in 2018??  Check out the podcast.

Interested in working with Investors Title Services LLC?

Contact Joe and Dan at:

Phone us 847-443-9676

Nov 22, 2017

Josh is a seasoned investor and real estate broker out of the Chicago area.

He initially appeared on the podcast in episode #40-The Rights And Wrongs of Managing Your Flip Projects, Working with Joint Ventures and Tax Lien Investing...

Check out that episode here

On Today's Podcast we cover some of the many apps and tools that are out there for real estate investors to utilize to evaluate deals, find deals, and build their businesses. 

Josh evaluates dozens of deals per week utilizing these very resources to continue to grow his investing business:


Real Estate Flip- Investing Software by Software Solutions LLC

Deal Check

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans 


Nov 15, 2017

WOW... Today's podcast is beyond awesome with special guest Fernando Angelucci of Titan Wealth Management on how to properly set up your business entity structuring for maximum asset protection benefit and minimum tax liability.

Fernando is a go-getter.  At 26 years old, he's built a massive portfolio of rental properties, self storage units, and wholesales dozens of properties per year to other investors in the Chicago area and beyond.

When I met this youngin' a few years ago, he was explaining to me how he ran a multi-state operation in the midwest, and how his business was exploding.

You can't miss this episode if you're looking to grow your investing business, set up your business structuring or have any interest in investing in the self storage industry.

As promised, here's a link to the entity document Fernando made available especially for this show:

Link to Entity Document

Nov 8, 2017

Episode #66 of the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show dives deep into the numbers on a property I purchased at $12k back in 2008 and put $20k in rehab costs into.

I rented this property for $1100 per month for about the last 9 years give or take.  Sound like a great deal to you???

Maybe, Maybe NOT.

Ghetto Deal or NO Deal, you decide... 

Listen up to hear all the juicy details on whether or not you think this investment was actually worth it or not.

Tell me your opinion or quesitons-

Nov 1, 2017

There are many opportunities to create thousands of dollars of savings in real estate investing, whether it be for 1 deal a year, or 10.

Don't be reluctant to take advantage of the many money saving programs and opportunities available to the real estate investor even if it's just your first deal, or your last.

These relationships, which my co-host Dan Clarton and I discuss at length in this podcast are readily available to you no matter how many projects you are involved in, have completed, or are planning to do.  And it's our goal to assist you in connecting with the right people to do this successfully and more profitably for your real estate investing business.

Join us at our next meetup on Nov. 14, 2017, at the offices of TANIS Group.  Doors open at 630pm CST, there is a $10 charge at the door, pizza and refreshments provided to all attendees. If you can make it.

Truth be told, we had an investor fly out from Denver to attend one of our meetings this year, which was AWESOME!  Now I am not suggesting something of that magnitude, as once we host the meeting, we are going to record another episode covering what we talked about for our meetup!

At this meeting we will reveal the "Big Secret" to saving thousands on your next real estate transaction, and how you can take advantage of it at no cost, membership fee, or financial involvement on your part whatsoever.


Oct 18, 2017

My tenant's will fix up my rental for me at their own cost?!?

Today's guest, Doug Kowalewski and I, hash over the different methods that investors can utilize to both acquire and rent out properties via lease option/lease-purchase.

Whether you're seasoned or a 'newbie', this strategy can be beneficial on multiple levels.

On this episode, Doug and I discuss real life examples of lease option situations where the tenant's purchased an option up front, fixed up the house, and provided an above average rental amount and return during the duration of the lease contract.

We also discuss structuring the lease option contract for a successful relationship between the landlord and the tenant.

If you've considered this method but are still on the fence about the opportunity and how to make it work for you, this episode is for you!


Oct 12, 2017


On today's rocking episode, we review the results of marketing last week's "Deal of the Day" and the outcome, and talk about the new opportunity we are currently providing ONLY to our prestigious network of podcast listeners, and our network meeting attendees.

This $150000 opportunity in Palatine IL, an affluent suburb of Chicago in a great school district and a GREAT area has an ARV of $250000 and needs approximately $30000 worth of rehab work.

Listen for all the juicy details!

Oct 4, 2017

Today's quickie episode is to market out to my podcast audience an opportunity in Lindenhurst, IL.

This property was listed on the MLS, we received a Cash Offer as a wholetail deal, and in the process, the buyer asked about our willingness to seller finance the transaction.

Well, let's just say things got a bit squirrely as we realized that the buyer potentially didn't have enough capital to close.

But, that made us open our minds to the ability to seller finance this deal to our network of listeners, and benefit someone that we actually could connect with again in the future-- YOU.

This property is a 3/2 with a detached 2 car garage, the house is on a crawl space, and the second bath is "roughed in" and needs to be finished.

Listen up for all the juicy details! if you are interested in learning more about this SELLER financed opportunity.


Visit our meetup at, stop by and say hi, have a beer, coffee, water or soda.

Sep 20, 2017

Last weekend I had a great experience at a seminar in Dallas in a new to me "mentoring" type group I am considering joining.

While at the seminar I met some incredible investors doing deals as small as a few single family houses up to some that had just closed multi-hundred unit transactions this year.  And even one investor I collaborated with that had built up his apartment unit portfolio to 1900 apartments in just a few years... AMAZING!!!

Do you need to be born out of the gate with a golden spoon or do you think it's possible you can become the product of those you choose to surround yourself with and partner with?

Check out this episode to learn more about private lending, Self-Directed IRA investing and approaching candidates by just being yourself, and surrounding yourself with the right network of people to lead to success!

Sep 13, 2017

Thanks for Supporting me in 60 AWESOME episodes...

Today's podcast:  Financing Options for Real Estate Investors!

Options for buyers with bad credit and no money:

Take over payments i.e. Subject2

Contract for deed (Installment land contract)

Partnering with qualified person and contribute labor

Lease option

Credit repair in process

Options for buyers with reasonable credit and little or no money:

Consider all options above

$100 down payment for HUD owned homes, repairs included if using 203k loan

USDA no down payment mortgage

VA mortgage

IHDA down payment grant (Currently $9,000)

Loan obtained from IRA

100% funding from companies like Pathway Financial

Options for buyers with some money or assets and reasonable credit:

Consider all options above

Standard mortgage (This is the cheapest source of funds)

Home equity line of credit

Line of credit from bank or asset based lender

Private equity

Joint venture with other able investors

Hard money

Options for seasoned investors to accelerate objectives:

Consider options above

Crowd funding

Commercial line of credit

Self-managed real estate IRA

Establish a capitalized corporate entity

Sep 6, 2017

On Today's SUPER AWESOME show we interview our guest Mark Faustrum, a newer investor getting his start about 1 year ago and already taking on 6 deals under his belt.

Mark is still currently employed with a Full Time J-O-B working as an emergency dispatcher for police and fire departments in the suburbs of Chicago, jumped in headfirst, without any formal real estate investment education, and is on strong path to success.  That's right, no bootcamps, BS, or billions spent making other people money.

Mark "accidentally" fell into his first deal, a 2 flat owned by a co-worker's daughter, and after evaluating the numbers, realized that if he owned a few more like that one, he could potentially subsidize his income exponentially.

This is a great episode for those wondering if it's possible, what it takes, and how to manage getting started in real estate investing while still employed for the "man."  (Or "woman.")

Mark started off buying his first deal with conventional financing, and since has utilized hard money, "delayed" financing, and cash.

Another episode not to be missed



Aug 30, 2017

On this episode of the Investor Empowerment Series Radio show we cover something I titled "Finding Deals in Your Spare Time... If there is such a thing!"

Point being, when you have a free minute, maybe on a lunch break, maybe at night after the kids go to bed, maybe when you wake up at 430am because you just read the book "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod, take some time dedicated to your real estate investing business.

I find that spending just 10-20 minutes a day scouring the internet, MLS, web based auction platforms, etc. Often leads to increased familiarity with your local market and better understanding of "what" a deal looks like. When you're just browsing as you'll start to notice trends, up and down, of your local housing stock, which will assist you in determining on whether or not you should be making an offer on a property or getting access to inspect it.

I review my experiences over the last week when I took approximately 1 hour of my "spare time" while my kids were playing in their room and discovered 3 potential deals, 2 of which I offered on that day sight unseen, and 1 that was accepted.

Listen in to find out the details...

Aug 19, 2017

On today's podcast we review a wholesale deal that I am offering out to the listening public available in Elgin, Illinois.  This deal has a profit potential of up to $50,000 depending on exit strategy.  Tune in now to hear about the opportunity

If you're not interested in buying a property in Elgin, IL, then stay tuned as there is a twist that may interest you and I'd consider checking out no matter what city you invest in.

Rate me on iTunes and wherever else you can find me!

Contact me via email at

Aug 16, 2017

So, I was inspired to record this podcast off of an article I read by Brandon Turner on Bigger Pockets, entitled "16 Tips to Getting Your Offer Accepted."

Thus the title of this podcast.

Full credit for all the ideas/materials/copyright, etc given to the boys over at

If you are struggling to get some of those offers accepted that your are hopefully continuing to follow up on, send out weekly, and low ball :)-- Check out this podcast which is based upon the article on Bigger Pockets of the same name.

And if you're not on BP, you need to be, and it's free.

Sign up today!

Aug 1, 2017

Today's guest on the Investor Empowerment Series Radio show is Jefferson Lilly of Park Street Partners.  Jefferson and his business partner Brad have built a massive Mobile Home Park business totally 1540 pads in 19 different parks throughout the United States.
Jefferson is a self-made millionaire, mobile home park investment expert, educator and industry consultant.

Prior to Co-founding Park Street Partners in 2013, Jefferson spent 7 years investing his own capital, building his "unofficial" advisory board, owning and managing his own mobile home parks.

On today's show we discuss how to retire in 10 years by getting starting with mobile home parks, sourcing new park deals, and managing parks for maximum efficiency utilizing technology to simplify the business processes.

Thanks again for tuning in to another great episode!!

Jul 19, 2017

IES Radio #54 is ALL about our next meetup, in Algonquin, IL-


  • Sign up here:

    Tuesday, July 25, 2017

    6:30 PM

  • Hosted @ TANIS Group Realty

    505 E Algonquin Rd, Algonquin, IL (edit map)

  • Interested in dipping your toe in the real estate investor Shark Tank?

    Join us on Tuesday, July 25th at 630pm at the offices of TANIS Group Realty in Algonquin for our PREMIER Shark Tank Meeting.

    Are you looking for that missing piece in your investing business?

    • Need a new contractor?

    • Looking for Funding on your next deal?

    • Interested in partnering or joint venturing on a deal?

    • Have a deal to present to the group?

    • Selling a property?

    • Wholesaling a property? 

    • Need a mailing list for off market deals?

    • Need a phone script?

    • Need an Attorney?

    • Need a Title Company contact?

    • Need a cash deal contract?

    • need list of web tools for real estate?

    • Need someone to explain a deal they did from beginning to end?

    • Need an insurance broker that understands real estate?

    • Need guidance on a specific situation or mentoring on a deal?

    The Shark Tank will begin promptly at 7pm, and is going to be a presentation style format for your "Ask," whether it be for a partner, funding, deal, etc.  Please email for the presentation worksheet template.

    6:30 - 7:00 - Networking 
    7:00 - 8:00- "Shark Tank" Presentations 
    8:00 - 8:30 - Group Introductions 
    8:30 - ??? - Networking

    As always, our goal is to network, network, and network with complimentary refreshments provided.


    Joe and Dan

    Sign up here:


Jul 13, 2017

RE-POST!!! SORRY ABOUT LAST WEEK, The podcast got MESSED up big time and I sincerely apologize, CHECK IT OUT AGAIN

Summer breezes, cotton candy, babies laughing and smiling—It’s all so awesome isn’t it?  All the TV wannabes make it look picture perfect and easy don’t they?

Well, most things are never perfect, and anything with any value is typically never very easy…

The real life of real estate investing isn't easy... It's never that simple and there are always complications that CAN and DO come up even on a simple purchase or sale of a property.

This deal put us through the ringer, up and down and 15 rounds with the Mohammed Ali of real estate let’s say.

Here’s a few takeaways:

 -Go with your gut, if it doesn’t feel right, or your intuition is pushing you a different direction, strongly consider something may not be right.

-Always get a 2nd opinion even on simple day to day processes when there’s a potential change made to it—e.g. sending a wire without a title company

-When you make a mistake, learn from it, grow from it, gain knowledge from it and GET BACK UP again jump back in the ring

In Summary, we lost about $60000 on this deal, before we even bought the property if that makes sense!  Hear the journey it took to get it back!! 

Listen now!

Jun 28, 2017

After 51 Episodes, I need be honest, this is the one you NEED to hear.  If you've never listened to my show before, and you're serious about investing in real estate, this episode you need to pay close attention to.

We interview a special guest, Rosario Terracciano, of and the system he's been working on, designing, and perfecting for years for his investor clients.

Originally formulated as a software assist to help scrub the MLS for deals and opportunities available for hedge fund type buyers, it's been tweaked, beta-tested, field-tested and made available to any investor!

Now this incredible system can be available to you.

My team and I personally vetted out this software system.  We let it do the dirty work, saving time, effort, and effectively making and saving more money. sends you projected ROI's on the investment opportunities, capital expenses based on your lending and acquisition situation, closing costs and even rehab estimates based on the condition of the home, photos, and data compiled over the last several years evaluating thousands of houses on the market.

My "guinea pig" testing for your benefit has already found deals for my portfolio and my team is ready to jump into action to help you utilize it for yours.

As with anything with any value, there is a monthly cost-- if there wasn't I'd be questioning how it could perform to the level it does and continue to improve.

Use the code TANIS when you sign up and you get a special discount only offered to my listeners and clients.

Go to, use the coupon code of "TANIS" and sign up!


Jun 21, 2017

Lots of questions and a bunch of confusion comes along with working with wholesalers, including even on my side AS the wholesaler.

In this episode I update the audience on the outcome of the wholesale rental deal from IES49, and also we talk about what to expect when you're expecting to work with a wholesaler!

Cash is KING!!!


Jun 14, 2017

Super Duper Educational episode with my buddy and partner Dan Clarton from Riverside Hope!

-Dealing with multiple offer and highest and best offers on MLS Deals!

-How much should you offer in a H&B situation???

-Why do investors NEED to get their hands dirty?

-Where to find private money and how to structure it?

-Expectations when you attend a meetup, and what our expectations are from you!

And ALL the CHATTER in between in the special LIVE episode!!!

Thanks again for supporting 50 Episodes!!!

Joe Mueller

Jun 7, 2017

On today's episode we are going to take a very quick look at a currently opportunity I have available to any interested buyers out there looking to increase their holdings and build their rental property empire!

Today's deal offers good returns, from 18-31% depending on your play on this one, in a great area of Elgin, IL.  Within walking distance to multiple amenities including the train station.

Though it's only a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, it's currently rented at $900 per month and a SAVVY investor would raise those rents to $1100 per month ASAP.

Listen up and check out this deal of the day!

If you are interested in viewing or buying the property, hit me up here:

May 31, 2017
  • What goes into your decision about disposing of properties? 
  •  Market-level dispositions
  •  Impact of the rising rate environment
  •  Dealing with re-trades
  •  Redeployment of capital
  •  Disposing occupied vs. vacant
  •  Friction cost vs. price of bulk vs. one-off
  •  Disposition fees
  •  Selling to an institution vs. retail
  •  Small portfolio exit choice evaluation metrics
  •  Impact of buying originally for appreciation; selling for cash flow
  •  What is changing about the local broker market that you need to know?

RJ Palano

Director of Acquisitions
Buy Cash Flow Properties

Doug Smith

Portfolio Manager & COO
Castle Rock Capital Management

Joshua Swift

SVP Investments
Colony Starwood Homes

Brittney Fairweather

Director, Enterprise Sales & Business Development

Paul Yazbeck

Executive Director
SVN | Investment Sales Group

Joe Mueller

Head of Investment Acquisition
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