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The real estate investment world is filled with late night infomericals, free seminars hosted by Reality TV show stars that lead to weekend boot camps and eventually empty wallets. The Investor Empowerment Radio Show was created as the host's outlet to provide free educational information intending to motivate and inspire the listener. You'll hear from the host and the show's guests years of experience to help guide you on your path to a successful real estate investment business!
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Feb 15, 2017
IES Radio #33: Run your Business Like a Business

In this episode I discuss "running your business like a business."  Too many investors get ready to jump, and dip their toe in the water, or maybe get up to their knees, and then don't know where to go next.  After thousands of dollars worth of education, and enough information to be dangerous, and hours of time spent figuring things out... Now what?

Some need a kick in the *ss, some need some direction, maybe on this episode I can help with both.

We will cover scheduling your day, following up with leads, generating leads, and treating your business a an actual entity that needs to surpass your day to day grind and start running on it's own.

Feb 8, 2017
IES Radio #32: Self Directed IRA and 401k Q&A with Mike Todd of IRA Innovations

Today's guest is Mike Todd, founder of IRA Innovations.

I know that I really don't know what I don't know...  This is the first guest I've had on the show that covers the basics of how self-directed IRA's and 401k retirement funds work.  And it's an eye-opener!

I gotta admit I have been dragging my feet for years on taking advantage of this great opportunity, and now I have a goal to get mine set up for 2017, as a matter of fact by the end of the month of February.

Can you take the Tax Free retirement challenge and build your IRA account to over $1,000,000???

Feb 1, 2017
IES Radio #31: Working with Contractors and the

So, have you ever been burned by a contractor?  Are you considering getting started on your first rehab project and need to find some contractors?  Or are you dipping your little piggy toe in the water figuring out how this all works with contractors when rehabbing a property...???

This is the podcast for you... Today I discuss the "Down and Dirty," Nitty-Gritty, let's kick some 2017 A** Committee points that you want to utilize, consider, write down and bring to the table when rehabbing a property.

Whether you are salty & seasoned or sweet & supple to this game, Working with Contractors is a CRUCIAL part of the real estate investing business.

And you don't want to miss out on the description of and method to employ your own "Big Box Store" Spreadsheet for your investment business.

Questions?  Contact me @

Jan 25, 2017
IES Radio #30: Flipping your Way to Financial Freedom with Mark Ferguson

Today's guest is Mark Ferguson, an Investor, Author and Real Estate Broker based in Colorado.  Mark's been involved in real estate in some way, shape, or form since he was kid and now owns 16 rental properties and has flipped 120 Properties, while maintaining a successful real estate brokerage that sells several hundreds of homes per year.

Mark and I dive into discussing how he obtains his funding and the story behind building those relationships, his advice for the listeners just getting started, and his goal to own 100 rental properties.  He's currently working on 16 flips he's managing AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Mark has written several books including "Build a Rental Property Empire" and maintains an AWESOME website and blog at

I shouldn't have to say it... Don't miss it!!

Jan 18, 2017
IES Radio #29: The Dissection of an Owner Financed Deal w/ Mitch Stephens

Today’s Guest is Real Estate Entrepreneur and Author Mitch Stephens, a visionary and leader in the field of owner financed transactions.  Mitch is currently buying about 100 houses a year in which many end up as seller financed deals in his portfolio and has bought over 1500 houses in his massive real estate career spanning over 20 years.

The author is the 3 book series “My Life and 1000 Houses,” Mitch has been blowing up the San Antonio market and as of late has been all over the podcast, media, and mentoring waves throughout the country.  He’s a founding father when it comes to current real estate investing owner financing techniques and comes to your listening pleasure today to truly “Dissect” the Owner Financed Deal.  Don’t miss this one.

Visit to see Mitch’s Website

Get information on special discounted new funding by clicking here:

Jan 11, 2017
IES Radio Show #28: Rent to Own to 175 Properties and Fix & Flipping w/ Bill Powers

Today our host Joe Mueller interviews Bill Powers from RTO Property, a Waukegan, Illinois based real estate investment business focusing on creating home ownership and improving & preserving communities in the Northern Illinois area.The cool story behind Bill's business and his strategy is that like most investors, it all started with one property and a dream.  Bill created a business model that generates above average rents per property, turns tenants in to homeowners, and improves the neighborhoods he invests in! All properties are fully renovated completely with new kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, windows, fully/partially finished basement, landscaping and more. And all homes are then sold via Bill's Rent To Own Strategy.If you are interested in learning how you can apply this method to your business, create growth through refinancing and help others in the process, download this podcast!Bill's website can be seen here: 

Jan 4, 2017
IES Radio #27: To Section 8 or NOT Section 8 Part 2 w/ Eddie Mccracken

Eddie Mccracken, guest on IES Radio Show #6 is back again to offer his views, opinions, and experiences on the Governmental Section 8 program after hearing my podcast covering the topic on episode #18.

We touch on some of the "gray" areas to look out for, dealing with tenants on section 8, lease renewals and auto-renewing with section 8 tenants.

A few other tidbits are his new recommendation on managing VA's for your real estate investing business, as well as my "CALL OUT" for sponsorships for my meetup group and the new lender I began working with that I can bring to you, our listeners.

Please contact me directly at for more information.

Dec 28, 2016
IES Radio #26: LIVE @ IMN w/ Joe Mueller- Lease to Own, Land Contracts, Contracts for Deeds, Seller Financing & Other Non-Traditional Retail Disposition Strategies


Not everyone has the ability to be a part of such a great gathering of Real Estate Investing Minds... That said, I am bringing it to you.

Today's podcast is a LIVE recording of the panel I moderated at the IMN conference on Dec. 6th, 2016, in Scottsdale, Arizona with Panelists as follows:

  • Joe Mueller, Moderator, Head of Investment Acquisition (TANIS GROUP LLC)
  • Cortland Plichta, CEO (HOMES DIRECT, INC.)
  • Puneet Singh, Managing Partner (LAW OFFICES OF KIMBALL, TIREY & ST. JOHN LLP)
  • Jack Bosch, Director (ORBIT INVESTMENTS, LLC)
  • Paul Turovsky, Chief Operating Officer (TRAC GLOBAL, LLC)


  • Size, definitions & ROIs of markets
  • Responsibilities of property upkeep
  • Foreclosure/eviction process when dealing w/ Seller Finance
  • Reactions to the less than positive press
  • Considerations for notes that are made up of alternative collateral
  • Documentation… What needs to be present? What can be unlawful? 
  • Control and who owns the property?
  • What type of customer/collateral are your target markets for these deals?




Dec 21, 2016
IES Radio #25: The IMN Conference Begins and the 2017 Market Forecast w/ Co-host Chris Davis of RRA Properties

Chris Davis and I are broadcasting LIVE from the  Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Beautiful Scottsdale Arizona, originally owned and designed by the Wrigley Family of Chicago (yes, that family) at the IMN Single Family Rental Forum Conference West.  This incredible experience is enlightening, motivational, inspirational and frankly provides that extra kick in the "*ss" that keeps the engine firing on all cylinders!

Chris and discuss the information we learned about the 2017 US Real Estate Market, new opportunities we are both planning on focusing on next year, and how awesome and powerful this conference is for any real estate investor!


Dec 14, 2016
IES Radio #24: Eric Wohlwend on Serving our Country and Building an Empire

Today's guest, Eric Wohlwend, has patriotic beginnings serving our country and took the opportunity to educate and motivate himself while still in the armed forces.  The day Eric was given his discharge papers, Eric drove straight to the local bank in the area and obtained financing to purchase his first rental property.  A few short years later he retired at the age of 30, after accumulating a sizable portfolio as a full time real estate investor.

Well, Eric didn't stop there, as he realized that an investor's appetite is rarely satiated, he got back at it, continuing to buy more assets and grow his empire, diversifying into mobile home parks, apartment buildings, and self-storage units.

Today Eric and I discuss his start up in real estate, his current ventures into a 60 unit apartment building, and working with sellers to "eliminate the bank" when financing your real estate deals!


Dec 7, 2016
IES Radio #23: Marvelous Mobile Home Park and Apartment Building Income with Jack Baczek of Marvel Equity

What comes to mind when you hear the term Mobile Home Park?

Well, if you've done your homework on it you'd find that it's like owning a large scale ATM machine without the hassles of the toilets and maintenance necessarily associated with owning the structure on a property.

Today's Podcast hosted by Joe Mueller of TANIS Group LLC and TANIS Group Realty interviews Jack Baczek of Marvel Equity.  Jack started his real estate investment career just 8 short years ago, and still at the young age of 31 is acquiring a large scale portfolio of both Mobile Home Park and Apartment units.  Jack dove into real investment FULL TIME and hasn't looked back since!  Can you remember what you were doing at the age of 30?  :)

Jack has been involved in acquiring, re-performing, holding, selling as well as wholesaling mobile home parks in the "Rust Belt" of the US.  We dig into the difference between owning the structure vs. just renting the land, MHP ROI and Cash on Cash returns, as well as his experiences in the apartment building business.

If you are interested in what opportunities exist in the Mobile Home Park investment market or are just curious about how it can be done, stay tuned!

Nov 30, 2016
IES Radio #22: Asset Protection and Real Estate Investing with An Attorney's Opinion...

Today on the Investor Empowerment Radio Show my special guest is Chris Emerald of CE Law.  Chris and I have been working together for several years in the Chicago area on not only my real estate investing opportunities but also the opportunities of other investors in the area.

Chris has been an active sponsor of the meetup group I host--

Since it's inception of the group, helping real estate investors establish business entities, representing investors and wholesalers on dozens of transactions and acting in a legal capacity when those "not so desirable" type questions come up in various situations of the real estate investing business.

Today we dive into Asset Protection strategies, Subject-to investment models, Articles of Agreement for Deed and having engaging Attorneys as a "necessary evil" in your real estate investing business!

Nov 23, 2016
IES Radio #21: Q&A with Co-Host Dan Clarton


You ask, you receive.  A bunch of the listeners (You) have been very receptive to the podcast, providing some questions and feedback.

This episode is a Q&A session with my previous guest from episode #4&5, Dan Clarton, as my co-host, responding to a bunch of the text, email, and in person questions I’ve received since starting the podcast. 

We touch on:

-Building a ‘Power Team’

-Wholesaling as the ‘gateway drug’

-Getting a broker license or not to get a broker license

-JV Deals, what they are and all about.


Listen up!

Nov 16, 2016
IES Radio #20: Private Money vs. Hard Money... What it's all about!

How much money do you need to succeed as a real estate investor?  Ummmm.... Infinite.  Right?  Beginner, intermediate, or expert investors need to know how important money is to their business.  I know a lot of you want to own your own little 'fix and flipping' island and 'don't need anyone' to succeed as a fix and flipper.  That's all good.  BUT, in order to exponentially grow your business, you WILL need additional funding to get that next best deal when all your funds are tied up, grab a rental property for every 1-2 fix and flips you do, or obtain some rehab funds for your first or last opportunity.

Let's explore what private money is, and how hard money works.


Nov 9, 2016
IES Radio #19: The Analysis of a Deal...again

I think part of the benefit of listening to podcasts is hearing the truth about how real estate investing REALLY works for an investor.  Do you want to be in the KNOW?

This particular deal is a real life example of what opportunities one could expect in our market, and what one should expect when looking to either fix and flip OR buy and hold a property.

This is RAW data, I sat down with my calculator, my invoices, and my receipts and added all the numbers together on one of my current projects.  I guarantee there are better and worse real estate investments out there, but I am going to give you the REAL data after one is completed.  I also video documented this project on my youtube channel:

My disclaimer is I initially had cost projections lower than than the final numbers, so I spent a bit more than I anticipated, but that's how REAL real estate investing happens!

I also touch on working with wholesalers and networking, and my beliefs on the “Education” circuit.

Want to see the FINAL Walk through Video, go to my youtube channel:

Also, see the other videos of this project to see the perspective start to finish:

Nov 3, 2016

Full disclaimer, I am a real estate investor, broker, entrepreneur and amateur podcasting rockstar… I am not an attorney, I do not nor have I ever been employed by Section 8 or any other housing authority, and though I do own rentals in multiple states, today’s podcast is focused on my experience in the Chicago area.

Do you really know how Section 8 works?  Is your lack of knowledge or experience in the Section 8 program what’s scaring you from renting to section 8 tenants?  Is Section 8 housing REALLY slumlording?  These questions and more will be answered on today’s podcast featuring our guest—Me, Myself, and I.

I implore you to complete additional due diligence on the Section 8 Housing Program and not just take MY word for it, but you’ll get my 3 cents.

Oct 19, 2016
IES Radio #17: Worst and Best Deals with Joe Mueller (Interviewed for the REI Diamonds podcast)

After listening to this podcast recorded for the REI Diamonds show with Dan Breslin, I realized there were too many solid learning points and discussions not to bring this to the Investor Empowerment Radio Show listeners.  In this episode we talk about my start up in the REO industry as well as my RE Investing beginnings, the state of the real estate market and what my personal experience tells me is going to happen next, as well as my worst and best deals.  This is quality stuff, don't miss it!

Oct 12, 2016

Doug has been my friend, advisor, co-conspirator and is responsible for many of the successes of not only TANIS Group on multiple levels but also many, many real estate investors we work with.  In his 35 years of brokering investment deals, Doug has seen multiple real estate cycles, hundreds of clients, and thousands of deals.  He is single handedly responsible for building large rental portfolios for dozens of investors just in the short 5 years he has been with TANIS Group Realty.  His wisdom is substantial, his experience is second to none, and he is living proof that real estate can be bought, sold, invested in, and built into a future for anyone who has the dream of doing so.  I am honored to have Doug on the show today, and he is one of my real estate rockstars here at my company that can help investors grow a flipping and rental business using the MLS as well as off-market deals!

Oct 5, 2016
IES Radio #15: From Zero to 135 Units w/ My NEW BFF Steven VanCauwenbergh!

Say it with me... 135 rental Units.  Again, 135 rental unitsSteven VanCauwenbergh and I have a lot in common.  We both began our entrepreneurial adventures at an early age, and both initially were into music and creating businesses.  This is an inside look into what it takes to start with nothing and #buildanempire in real estate investing including wholesaling, flipping and landlording.  Steven and I touch on humble beginnings, begging-borrowing-and-stealing to acquire his first houses, and the importance of networking, creating a solid team, and ALWAYS buying ASSETS.  Real Estate Investing can create enough Cashflow to lead to a successful and fruitful way of living without the requirement of a J-O-B and you need to hear the tale of how to do it!

Sep 28, 2016
IES Radio #14: Building your Wholesaling Business to make $20k-$50k per month with Dan Breslin of REI Diamonds

Dan Breslin fell on his face after the last market crash, was forced to take public transportation when his buddy’s cars were not available, and started back up from Ground Zero a few short years ago.  Today Dan runs a full scale wholesaling and fix and flipping operation in 4 separate markets throughout the county making tens of thousands of dollars per month!  Dig into this incredible interview where Dan reveals how he built his team, the systems he using, and the mindset needed to make multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars per year all from his office in Chicago.  I shouldn’t even have to say it, but you can’t miss this!

Sep 21, 2016
IES Radio #13: Hands-Off Landlording through with Linda Liberatore

Today’s entrepreneur and guest, Linda Liberatore, of founded an ACH business years ago with the sole intent to offer electronic rent collection services for property owners and landlords, and grew it to a landlord service offering not only ACH rental collection but also management call center services, and eviction assistance for over 1000 units.  Listen to how you can cut out the “middle man” (ME!!!) and fire your property manager!!!

Sep 13, 2016
IES Radio #12.5: 3 Off Market Wholesale Deals (pre-released!!!)

So, sometimes you need to turn the bad into the good!  I am changing up my regularly scheduled podcast due to a technical challenge in switching podcast hosting servers and pushing back my Wednesday release to offer you some opportunity RIGHT NOW in the Chicago investment market.  These are REAL off-market money making opportunities that I am offering ONLY to the listeners of the podcast.  IF you are looking for deals, you gotta check out these 3 opportunities as the listeners are the only ones who are getting this information!  Listen up for the details!

Elgin, IL:

Acquisition: $45000

Rehab Costs (est.): $60000

ARV: $160000

Est. Monthly Rent: $1500

Chicago, IL: (Humbolt/Garfield Park Area)

Acquisition: $40000

Rehab Costs (est.): $30000

ARV: $130000

Est. Monthly Rent: $1500-1600

Westchester, IL: (Great area!)

Acquisition: $100000

Rehab Costs (est.): $20000-30000

ARV: $195000

Est. Monthly Rent: $1600


Sep 7, 2016
IES Radio #12: 700 flips, 165 rental properties and $50k a month in cashflow… Need I say more?

Starting his investment empire at the age of 19 and completing over 700 flips in the last 6 years, our guest currently has ownership in over 165 rental properties, and is netting approx. $50k a month in positive net cashflow.  We discuss in depth his concept of the 2-5-7 rule enabling investors to pay off their rental houses in 7 years or less, the “Keep It Simple Stupid” method along with the  “Rinse and Repeat” of the Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance (BRRR) strategy with today’s incredible guest—Andrew Holmes of and Chicago Cashflow.  This is  repost due to an issue with the podcast server

Aug 30, 2016

Jerry Tuzil, one of the founding partners of Profit from and Blue Star Capital Lending sits down with us today to discuss his 30 years of experience, over 300 deals in the last 6 years, and the importance of due diligence when buying multiple properties on the South Side of Chicago. Jerry offers insight into the current real estate market and his opinion of the current cycle, the importance building a team and having your funding in place. Stick around for another great episode of the investor empowerment series radio show

Aug 24, 2016

IES Radio welcomes Bill Jennings, Founder and Owner of Pathway Financial on air discussing what his business offers to investors in the funding realm. Bill was faced with a personal challenge when investing on his own flips and created a solution that now has evolved into a nationwide lending program offering 0% interest unsecured lines of credit. If you’re looking for funding (and as a real estate investor we should ALWAYS continue to look for funding) this is a show you can’t miss!

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